In 2006, 686 independent, corporate, community, and operating foundations headquartered in Alabama held assets of nearly $2.4 billion and gave away more than $145 million. Nonetheless, the vast majority of Alabama foundations are small. Overall, just over 64 percent of Alabama Foundations held less than $1 million in assets, and more than half gave away less than $50,000.

Nearly half of active Alabama foundations (338) have been established since 1995. In 1997, 57 foundations, or 11 percent of all Alabama foundaitons were formed.

Alabama's top 10 givers in 2006 were a mix of community, corporate, and independent foundations that gave $53.7 million, just over one-third of all foundaiton giving that year. The state's 10 largest foundations held $956 million in assets, which was just over 40 percent of all foundation assets in 2006. Five of these were independent foundations, which held $423 million in assets.

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Source: The Foundation Center, "Key Facts on Alabama Foundations," June 2008.