What We Do

Our Strategic Plan

Grow Philanthropy

Strengthen Philanthropy

Ensure Sustainability

Serve as a catalyst to increase philanthropy in order to improve conditions in Alabama

Improve the effectiveness of philanthropy to meet current and emerging needs and address future opportunities

Ensure the success of Alabama Giving and organized philanthropy throughout the state

Philanthropy Making a Difference

Alabama Giving helped create the Alabama School Readiness Alliance (ASRA), whose public awareness campaign was instrumental in increasing the state’s funding for preschool sites in Alabama from approximately 4.5 million to over 96 million in 13 years.   With the support of three different governors, legislators and community leaders, Alabama Giving and other advocates in the nonprofit and business communities have been successful in making high-quality pre-k a continuing priority in Alabama. This successful partnership began with the Pew Charitable Trust contributing  $365,000 to ASRA in collaboration with Alabama foundations.